Two Dimensional - Visual Arts 


Cary Academy approaches the arts from two perspectives.  First, students have the opportunity to experience several disciplines in the arts, learning the basic principles and techniques of each discipline in hands-on work in the studio.  Second, the arts are integrated into the Humanities curriculum; students study cultures through the arts, history and literature.  This two-fold approach toward the arts and their history and influence comes together in individual and group projects. 

Through the arts, students experience the relationships among developing ideas and explore the creative process through a variety of media.  Exploring the arts allows students to develop self-expression and self-discipline, use their imagination and talents, and collaborate with others.  Students also learn to enjoy the arts for their own sake. Our hope is that students will have experiences that will affect them deeply, touch the inexpressible and connect beyond the reality of everyday life.

World Arts 10

Drawing Classes

Painting Classes

Exploring Art Techniques



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