Financing College

Paying for college can certainly be a major concern for  families.  Understanding the forms of aid available can help.

There are two primary forms of aid available to help families pay for college: 1) need-based aid, which is based on a family's income and assets; 2) merit scholarships, which are generally based on the student's achievements.  Merit scholarships can be offered by the college or by outside agencies.

Need Based Financial Aid

The most commonly required forms to apply for need-based Financial Aid are the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and the CSS Profile (administered by The College Board).  Some colleges, however,  have institution-specific forms. Check the Financial Aid page of the colleges to which your son/daughter is applying to see what is required.

FAFSA Federal Student Aid
The largest provider of student financial aid in the nation

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE®
The fast, easy, convenient secure way to apply for financial aid

College Planning Tools & Calculators
Determine if your family Qualifies for need-based aid.

Merit Scholarships

Cary Academy posts all information we receive about merit scholarships, offered either by specific colleges or outside agencies.  Seniors are encouraged to check this website frequently; to talk to their college counselors if they want to have colleges on their lists where merit scholarships may be possible; and to look at the colleges to which they are applying to see what they offer.

For information on merit scholarship information received by the school, click on the Merit Scholarships tab on the left banner.  This is updated each fall for the current senior class.  In addition, the list of merit scholarships offered to the most recent graduating classes are posted on this site under "Documents of Interest."

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