Grade Level Programs

Students at each grade level in the Upper School are encouraged to come together and develop a unique class identity through a comprehensive program of  grade-level activities.  Grade-level activities are designed not only to promote friendship and social unity among students, but also to provide important opportunities for leadership, service and character development.

Advisory Program

Every student in the Upper School has the opportunity to work closely with a faculty advisor who monitors the student's overall academic progress and personal development.  Faculty advisors encourage students to take responsibility for their own experience at Cary Academy through goal-setting,  reflection and self-advocacy, while at the same time providing adult perspective, feedback and assistance as needed.  In so doing, faculty advisors play an important role in helping Upper School students make the transition from adolescence to young adulthood.

The Upper School advisories meet weekly during their advisory period, which ensures that advisors have regular and frequent contact with their advisees.   Faculty advisors generally use this time to gather their advisees for small group discussions, planning, games and bonding activities.  Advisors can also use the weekly advisory period to work individually with advisees to plan courses, review grades, discuss goals, or address any other issues that have emerged.  Of course, advisors often arrange to meet individually with their advisees at other times as well, depending upon the time of year and the particular student's needs.


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