Language Arts

The Middle School Language Arts Department has the goal of helping students become active members of an avid community of readers and writers. The students become vocabulary-rich writers and speakers capable of using the conventions of grammar and spelling effectively to enhance communication. They learn how to analyze and critique literature, making connections to other courses of study in order to understand the power of the written and spoken word to transform people, attitudes, events, and worldviews. Students utilize technology effectively as a resource for information and as a tool for writing, communication, and media exploration. Learning to work collaboratively with one's peers is also an important aspect of the program's goals. During the Middle School experience students also strive to develop their own unique voice and style in writing. This prepares them for a successful transition to the Upper School English program at Cary Academy.

Students in Grade 6 study a variety of works of young adult literature with themes that are integrated with instruction in social studies and the arts. Students in Grade 7 explore a variety of literary genres through the examination of model texts and the creation of original works. Students in Grade 8 initiate and design independent and collaborative projects, refine their creative and critical thinking skills, and develop their unique writing voices.


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