The Cary Academy Middle School Mathematics program strives to provide all students with a greater appreciation for mathematics as a discipline and as an integral part of the world in which we live. Our goal is to prepare students to use mathematics effectively in situations where quantitative analysis is needed. The program strives to show students how mathematics is applicable not only in school but also in their lives outside of the school setting.

Appropriate technologies are regularly integrated into classes to demonstrate the practical and beneficial use of technology, thus supporting and extending student understanding of concepts and processes involved in the study of mathematics.

Students are exposed to and expected to learn substantive mathematics and to "regularly engage in thoughtful activities tied to their emerging capabilities of finding and imposing structure, conjecturing and verifying, thinking hypothetically, comprehending cause and effect, and abstracting and generalizing" (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).  The program also gives the students a solid foundation for the mathematics program in the Upper School.


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