Physical Education and Health

The Middle School physical education and health program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle and to make good decisions in pursuit of lifelong wellbeing.

The physical education component of the curriculum provides opportunities for each student to experience positive, challenging and enjoyable physical activities in a safe and inclusive environment. Emphasis is on the development of locomotor skills, strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as collaboration and sportsmanship, all in the context of fitness, lifetime leisure and team sport pursuits.Students are introduced to specific sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, floor hockey, or tennis using a three-year tier model.Sixth-graders concentrate on learning basic skills, rules, regulations and game concepts.Seventh-graders build on these basic skills, improving their speed, strength and foot agility as they learn more advanced techniques.In eighth-grade the focus shifts to competitive game situations, with students implementing complex offensive and defensive game strategies and applying principles of teamwork and sportsmanship for both individual and group success.

The health component of the curriculum is aimed at helping students take responsibility for their own wellness by developing the functional knowledge and skills needed to practice health-enhancing behaviors and to avoid health risks.Students learn to access and interpret health information, to analyze a variety of environmental and social factors that influence health, and to apply this knowledge to make sound judgments, while also considering the impact of their choices for themselves, their families and for society as a whole.Topics addressed include personal fitness, human development, nutrition, personal care, anatomy and disease prevention.


We are pleased to unveil our newly revised Middle School health program, which has been redesigned to include health education at every grade level instead of at grade 7 alone. Spreading the curriculum across three grade levels allows for a more sustained focus on health education in the Middle School while also creating time for students to engage more deeply with the content.

PE Grade 6
Health Grade 6
PE Grade 7
Health Grade 7
PE Grade 8
Health Grade 8
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