Service Learning

If there’s one thing Cary Academy students might not have a lot of, it’s free time. Between demands of academics, athletics, clubs and fine arts, and after making time for family and friends, weekdays and weekends alike are often packed full of responsibilities and social activities that leave little time for much else. With this in mind, Cary Academy developed and launched the school’s Service Learning Program which is incorporated into the curriculum  at every grade level.

Service learning is active, meaningful community service in combination with conscious educational growth and reflection – exactly the type of thing one would look to a college preparatory school to teach.

The method for teaching these principles has been developed along with the Service Learning Program. The steps to this framework have been defined in program literature as preparation, action, reflection and celebration. In keeping with the school’s defined commitment to encourage collaboration, the program also calls upon participants to share what they’ve learned with other students inside the Cary Academy community and in other local schools.

It is with this guiding purpose that Cary Academy encourages and hopes all our students will leave Cary Academy with a lifelong commitment to service learning.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

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