Digital Arts

Our multi-media/computer arts program offers in-depth exploration of multimedia production using diverse digital technologies to design, produce, edit, and distribute video and audio sources. Students learn the techniques of scripting, modeling, animating, editing, special effects, compositing, and creating and distributing audio and visual projects using original-sourced and third-party images and sounds including still visuals, animated visuals, sound sources, and live footage. Students complete multiple projects during the course and by year-end produce a professional quality visual segment and distribute the project via tape, DVD, or web streaming file.
In addition, Robotics, Animation, Game Design and 3D Printing offer students opportunities to explore and dive deeply into engineering, coding, and 3D modeling. 
Digital Arts Faculty

Betsy MacDonald
Art and Design, Programming, Robotics

Eric Moore
Digital Photography

Steven O'Neill
Video Productions


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