Who We Are

Who's in the PTAA? All of us -- every parent or guardian of a CA student, as well as every administrator, faculty and staff member. The PTAA Board of Directors we elect is assisted by Committee Chairs and Grade-Level Representatives, as documented in the PTAA Bylaws.

PTAA Board of Directors 2019-2020


PTAA Board 2019-20   Email    
President   Malissa Larsen   malarsen29@gmail.com    
VP/President Elec Kim Eheman  
Immd Past President Parul Shah   parulshah70@gmail.com    
Secretary Jennifer Etkin   etkinfamily@yahoo.com    
Treasurer Nellie Tehrani   n.pournader@icloud.com    
Asst Treasurer Ryan Shaughnessy   rjshaughnessy@aol.com    
MS Rep 1 Kathy Jezior   kljezior@gmail.com    
MS Rep 2 Terri Laurey   terri.laurey@gmail.com    
US Rep 1 Kimberly Logel   thelogels@gmail.com    
US Rep 2 Elisabeth McMahon   elisabethmcmahom@gmail.com    
Alumni Parent Rep 1 Maureen Sawchak   mwsawchak@gmail.com    
Alumni Parent Rep 2 Peggy Mulqueen   mulqueenp@gmail.com    
Sponsorships Trude Bate   tbate888@gmail.com     

US Faculty Rep

To be named        
MS Faculty Rep To be named        
Administration Rep Chris Gilmore   chris_gilmore@caryacademy.org    


Chair 2019-20
Arts Hospitality Joy Jenkens   tardisjoy@gmail.com    
Arts Hospitality Mary Schricker   mschricker@nc.rr.com    
CA Connected Adeola Lawal   ife10019@yahoo.com    
CA Connected Genevieve Rocket  
CA 5K Mike Bate   mbate888@gmail.com    
CA 5K Marlo Corrao   marlo.corrao@hotmail.com    
CA 5K Expo Victor Chen   vmchen44@gmail.com    
Caring Committee Jen Newnam   jjnewnam@gmail.com    
Caring Committee Alison Haines   alidave@carolina.rr.com    
Charger Club Malissa Larsen   malarsen29@gmail.com    
Charger Club Bill Schaffroth   bill.schaffroth@gmail.com     
Communications Lisa Kadis   lfk@me.com    
Health & Wellness Patty Cervenka   pcervenka@gmail.com    
Cultural Arts Lisa Todd   casatodd@nc.rr.com    
Cultural Arts Heidi Natan   heidi.natan@yahoo.com     
Diversity Donnell Mitchell Sr.   Donnell@nc.rr.com    
Diversity Nancy Astrike   nancy.astrike@nc.gov    
Diversity Raphaele Horwin   mhbiomed@aol.com    
Employee Appreciation Erika Canady   erika.canady@gmail.com    
Employee Appreciation Tami Polge   tamipolge@yahoo.com    
Fun Fest Todd Lineberger   toddl292@yahoo.com    
Fun Fest Marisa Kaufman   mkauf05@gmail.com    
Fun Fest Heather Bishop   vaicek@hotmail.com
Fun Fest LeAnne Bloedon   leannebloeden@gmail.com    
Interview Skills Peter Ginsberg   petegins6@nc.rr.com    
Interview Skills Kristin Murphy   kristin.murphy@att.net    
New Parent Programs Melissa Matton   melissarossmatton@gmail.com    
New Parent Programs Kuchi Funna   kuchifunna@gmail.com    
New Parent Programs Marci Ryan   marciryan@gmail.com    
Nominating Kecia Serwin   serwinkecia@gmail.com    
Photography Amy Miller   milleriv@bellsouth.net    
Taste & Toast  Elayne Courts   elaynecourts@yahoo.com    

Taste & Toast

Minnie Gupta  




Grade Level Coordinators

6th grade

 Donna Ross


Jen Parker

  Brooke Miller   brookeLMiller@yahoo.com    
7th grade Ashley Ryden   ashley@rydenfamily.org    
  Stephanie Molner   smolner@gmail.com    
  Kelly Beatty   kbdesign@nc.rr.com    
8th grade Sarah Nasim   sarah.nasim@gmail.com    
  Kristi Burkett   kristiburkett@hotmail.com    
  Anita Arora   aarora2@hotmail.com    
9th grade Lori Ginsberg   loriginsberg1@gmail.com    
  Ashley Techet   atechet@me.com    
  Suzanne Bright   bright.mom@mac.com    
10th grade Shannon Flynn   sflynn.ot@gmail.com    
  Helen Lupton-Smith  


  Michael Taylor   mtay@live.com    
11th grade Jane Hortelano   jane.f.hortelano@gmail.com    
  Lisa Russell   lisaburns2@mac.com    
  Pam Hoffman   pamhoff6@gmail.com    
12th grade Amy Marshall    amypack@bellsouth.net    
  DeAnnah Baker   deannahb@nc.rr.com    
  Bonnie Reed   bireed322@gmail.com    



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