The Cary Academy Fund

The annual drive of the Cary Academy Fund (CAF) is the school’s top priority fundraiser and supports “all things Cary Academy.”

The CA Fund...

  • touches every student, every day and helps enhance their educational experience whether it’s in the classroom, on the field, in the theater, on a field trip, in the studio, even in the dining hall.
  • raises unrestricted dollars to support items in the current year’s operating budget, which tuition income alone does not.
  • asks that all CA community members participate at a level that is appropriate to their own family’s means and one that expresses pride in being a part of the CA community.
  • strives for a high participation rate which is vital as it makes a strong statement about our commitment to CA, especially when applying for outside funding through grants and partnerships.
  • now supports the PTAA’s budget – no more fundraising auction so parents’ focus can be placed on building the interconnectivity of our community.

Annual Fund Basics and the CA Fund

  • Annual funds were developed back in the late 1800s and are used throughout independent schools, colleges/universities and non-profit organizations to help fund the current year’s operating expenses.  With most independent schools, there is a “gap” between the revenue generated from tuition and the actual cost to educate students. 
  • For Cary Academy’s 2017-18 year, that gap is 18% or $4656, which every CA student is subsidized.  The CA Fund (annual fund drive) fills that gap along with facility rentals, summer programs, etc. 
  • Why not just raise tuition to fill this gap? One, it might outprice Cary Academy for many families and lessen our diverse community and two, tuition is not tax-deductible while gifts to the CA Fund are, which benefits our families.
  • Is every family required to contribute the entire “gap amount’ for each of their children attending CA? No, each family is asked to give what they can…many gifts are below the gap amount but many are above.


All Gifts are Tax Deductible. The annual drive closes June 30. You will receive a tax receipt and acknowledgement for your gift in the mail.


Giving opportunities within the CA Fund

Founders' Circle


Charter Club

$5,000 - $9,999

Blue and Gold Society

$2,500 - $4,999

One Hour Donor*

$1,133 - $2,499


$500 - $1,132




Up to $249


Leadership Circle Giving Clubs:

One Hour Donor and above giving includes Leadership Circle updates from the HOS and CAF’s annual recognition event

Blue & Gold Society and above giving includes event featuring student initiatives and time with faculty

Founders’ Circle includes a dinner with the Cary Academy Founders

*New entry level into Leadership Circle. Your gift will run the Middle or Upper School for one hour.

Fund co-chairs and parents
Jeanne & Kevin Howard
Read their Letter


CA Fund Updates

Employee have reached 100% - CONGRATULATIONS NEW THIS YEAR:  The CA Fund will now fund the PTAA's budget – no more fundraising auction, rather focusing on building the interconnectivity of our community. NEW THIS YEAR:  The One Hour Donor is replacing the Cornerstone giving club as the new entry into the Leadership Circle.  This is the cost to run the Middle School or Upper School for one hour during the year - $1133


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