Life at CA

Cary Academy values each person's (employee and student) individuality and contribution to the betterment of our community. We think of ourselves as a community which includes the employees, students, families, and the surrounding community in which we all live and work. Each individual brings unique talents, abilities, and perspectives to our community, and we have created a nurturing environment where we capitalize on the strengths each person can contribute.


Cary Academy’s solid establishment in the community and its reputation as an educational leader have enabled it to attract a diverse and extensive pool of applicants for teaching and staff positions, from which we have selected only the highest quality educators who share our commitment to excellence. With a variety of backgrounds, experience, and interests, our teachers have taken advantage of opportunities to explore the wildlife or Belize, study the post-war society of Japan, and present at conferences in Europe.

In addition to fostering an environment of educational growth and support, Cary Academy also believes that satisfied employees who genuinely care for their fellow co-workers and students should be rewarded for their hard work, dedication and loyalty. A rich compensation and benefits package compliments the other various ways Cary Academy demonstrates its appreciation to its employees.


Our school looks for promising students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and tenacity, welcome challenges, and take initiative. We want students who are motivated to excel both in the classroom, as well as personally, taking advantage of all the opportunities our school has to offer. We seek to enroll students from all ethnic, social, and economic groups. Our goal is to have a student body enriched by diverse backgrounds -- one that represents the rich, cultural fabric of the Triangle area.


The Cary Academy Parent Teacher Administration Alliance (PTAA) supports the CA mission and philosophy by: serving as an advocate for parents, faculty, staff and students; helping to develop and sustain a sense of community; encouraging and promoting volunteerism within and beyond the school community; promoting communication and cooperation within the school; and providing financial support and resources to enrich the programs of the school.


Community building is about generating an emotional bond to Cary Academy among our families and our employees, as well as within the local communities. Membership in the Cary academy community should be an emotionally satisfying experience in which each person feel valued as an individual, while at the same time vested in something larger. Cary Academy strengthens community by focusing on consideration and trust, participation and shared leadership, and affirmation.


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