CA Green

CA Green is comprised of a standing school committee working in conjunction with the Upper School and Middle School Green clubs.

The CA Green Committee is dedicated to identifying, and researching, large scale campus-wide environmental sustainability initiatives. Committee members consist of staff, US and MS Green Club Sponsors, students, parents and members of the leadership team.

 Accomplishments 2009-2014

Want to be a part of the change?

You can do so by acting environmentally sustainable or become an agent of change at Cary Academy by contacting the CA Green Committee Chair.


As a learning community, Cary Academy fosters a responsible world view and instills practices that allow community members to become lifelong global stewards and ambassadors for environmental sustainability.


Our environmental sustainable efforts will always put people first; we strive to effect meaningful change by educating and guiding people before implementing tools and technology. In all that we do, we will maintain respect and reverence for the resources our community has been entrusted with.


Cary Academy strives to create a lifelong impact on our community members by developing environmental sustainable behaviors and attitudes in a collaborative and innovative manner.

Action Plan

  1. 1. Raise overall environmental sustainability awareness in the community.
  2. 2. Implement action items identified by the school’s leadership team and CA Green Committee.

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Green Events

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