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MS orchestra is Grand Champion
Posted Monday, Apr 23, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Last Friday, the MS and US orchestras participated and competed in Festival Music of Kings Dominion.  

In the final results, both orchestras won first place and were rated superior. The MS orchestra earned the highest score from 3 judges among the entire orchestra division and received the Overall Grand Champion Award from the festival.

Adv students consult with 6th graders
Posted Monday, Apr 23, 2018 11:11:45 AM

Upper School Adv Statistics students recently completed a "consulting" project, working with questions posed from 6th graders. These included:

  • Does NC or VA have more pollen?
  • Do Duke players or UNC players get drafted by the NBA more often?
  • Do gas prices vary between Cary and Raleigh?
  • Do people prefer Coke over Sprite?
  • Do people prefer Spotify to Apple Music?
  • Do people prefer Snapchat to Facebook?

The project consisted of an initial consulting session during which the Stat students engaged with the 6th graders to determine a question of interest that could be analyzed using the methods they had learned. After the initial consultation the Stat students collected relevant data, completed an analysis, and developed a presentation through which they could report their findings back to their 6th grade clients. During the presentations the 6th graders, who had been working on their skills at developing and asking questions, posed a variety of questions for their Stat consultants to evaluate how well the Stat students answered their initial question.

The project was coordinated with Craig Lazarski, Kristi Sergent, Katie Taylor, and Katie Levinthal.

CA team to run in Penn Relays
Posted Monday, Apr 23, 2018 8:45:46 AM

The Cary Academy Boys 4x800m Relay team of Chapman Fitzgerald ('18), Chase Coley ('18), Coleman Mitchell ('18), and Ray Faison ('20) qualified for the prestigious 124th Penn Relays and will compete this week against the best in the nation in Philadelphia at UPenn’s historic Franklin Field:  https://pennrelaysonline.com/Results/results.aspx?en=303

High School Boys 4x800m Relay teams compete in four heats on Friday morning, the top 12 teams advance to the High School Championship of America at 4:00pm on Saturday.


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