On to the Upper School
Posted 06/06/2014 04:00PM

On Friday, June 6 in the theater, the annual Eighth Grade Celebration honored the 103 students in the Class of 2018.

Before the entire class received its certificates, Kate Hampton welcomed parents and guests by talking about how many questions were answered over the last three years, but questions will continue to surface throughout life. She emphasized, “Questions rock!” Other student speakers reflected on their experiences. Kayla Hauessler talked about how Middle School is an interesting term but in reality it’s an adventure all on its own. “Sparks have lite our path,” explained Kiera Tai and now “each flame has its own passion and dream.” Samuel Chow and  Olivia Frazier bounced many of their experiences off each other, but agreed that this class has become more independent and developed as collaborators. Independence was also stressed by Elizabeth Gray Jones and Briana Elizabeth Leuth. Both believe mistakes will be made, learned from, and while facing obstacles on life’s path, parents and friends will be readily available to offer help. “We have extended ourselves beyond our comfort zones,” added Eddie Sanders, “and these memories will stay with us.”

The poem We Stand written and delivered by Charlotte East ended with “…we have become a family and a family stands!” Also, eight students (Evan Giddings Ehrhardt, Brett Morachnick, Lucy Grace Daley, Aesha Desai, Katherine Elizabeth Desmond, Margaret Velto and Leonardo Tamburro)  performed vocal and instrumental numbers showcasing a variety of talent. Head of Middle School Marti Jenkins congratulated the Class of 2018 and said, “You have much to offer — utilize your talents and gifts to make our school, community and world a better place.”


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