TEAM 1 takes Drink Cart Challenge
Posted 04/20/2017 09:47AM

After a week of planning, promoting, mixing and selling by the 16 teams in the $100 Drink Cart Challenge, one winner has emerged.

TEAM 1 and its members Grace Jin, Samuel Chow, Chelsea Fang, Shaan Dhawan and Thuc Dzu have won a pizza party with Head of School Mike Ehrhardt. Their offerings of iced milk tea, iced chai tea, matcha and boba earned them the title of 2017 Great Drink Cart Challenge Champions. Collectively, the16 teams made more than $1,000 in profit in the two-day challenge. The top three teams will be surveyed for ideas on where to apply their earnings.

Members of Business Operations - Sheila Hall, Teresa Porter, Susan Ferraro and Mina Harris - provided the planning, support and guidance needed to allow this challenge to be successful. CA also thanks the community who came out and supported the teams in their efforts.


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