Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day
Posted 11/01/2017 02:33PM

Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day

More than 300 guests are registered to attend Friday’s event, and it will be a very special morning. Guests will park in the US lot (students and staff will park elsewhere that morning). There will be parent and student greeters and guides along with signs and balloons to direct our guests. Due to construction, guests will go through the US entrance/lobby and then on to the Dining Hall. Several multi-passenger golf carts will be stationed near the US  to pick up guests who need or would like a ride over to the Dining Hall. Though the program doesn’t start until 8 am, some of our guests will arrive as early as 7 am – we’ll have the coffee ready for them!

8:00 am              Reception and Registration in the Dining Hall

8:50 am              Classroom Visits – guests and their host students

10:45 am            Performing Arts program, Theatre (host students do not attend with their guests)

11:15 am            the morning’s activities end


Students with guests should check in with their Morning Room or First Period teacher, then go to Dining Hall to meet their guests/have a light breakfast. Students will be dismissed around 8:15 for a program with guests. Host students will be instructed to return to Dining Hall at 8:40 to pick up their guest and take them to classes.


Please prep your student for the event. Families with multiple CA students and guests for the morning should develop a “game plan” for which guest will visit which student and/or how the switch may be made.

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