Middle School Track and Field races to conference championship
Posted 05/09/2019 03:26PM

Congratulations to both the boys and girls MS Track & Field teams for 3-peating as Capital Area Middle School Conference Champions! The following athletes placed in the top 6th and thus, scored points. Bolded names set the new championship record and underlined names set their personal best.


50 – Thuy Dzu (1st) CR, Thomas George (4th)

100 – Jared Cooper (2nd)

200 – Jared Cooper (2nd), Thuy Dzu (4th)

400 – Jared Cooper (1st) CRChristian Herrera (5th)

600 – Kevin Kaufman (2nd), Derek Wang (4th)

800 – Arran Swift (1st) CRZan Hagar (3rd), Michael Singleton (6th)

1600 – Kevin Kaufman (2nd), Jacob Farris (3rd)

100mH – Max Li (3rd), Derek Wang (6th)

4x100 – (1st) Thomas George, Max Li, Matthew Ferranti, Thuy Dzu

4x200 – (1st) Zan Hagar, Christian Herrera, Arran Swift, Thomas George

Shot Put – Max Li (1st)

Discus – Max Li (1st) CR, Arran Swift (3rd), Matthew Ferranti (6th)

High Jump – Derek Wang (2nd), Kevin Kaufman (5th), Laiq Nasim (6th)

Long Jump – Jared Cooper (3rd), Thuy Dzu (5th), Derek Wang (6th)

Boys who set at least one personal best this meet: Jared Cooper, Thuy Dzu, Christian Herrera, Matthew Schricker, Kevin Kaufman, Derek Wang, Jacob Farris, Arran Swift, Michael Singleton, Evan Astrike-Davis, Max Li, Trevor Walker.



50m – Maggie Su (1st) CR, Ava O’Brien (3rd), Tanya Sachdev (4th)

100m – Leah Wiebe (1st), Noor Alam (2nd), Ben Natan (3rd)

200m – Maggie Su (3rd), Noor Alam (5th)

400m – Tanya Sachdev (1st) CRLeah Wiebe (2nd)

600 – Tanya Sachdev (1st) CRAva O’Brien (5th)

800 – Elise Boyse (1st), Jenna Pullen (3rd), Laney Bundy (5)

1600 – Elise Boyse (1st), Jenna Pullen (2nd)

100mH – Alex Butulis (4th)

4x100 – (1st) CR Ava O’Brien, Deborah Lemma, Leah Wiebe, Maggie Su

4x200 – (1st) Ben Natan, Tanya Sachdev, Elise Boyse, Noor Alam

Shot Put – Ben Natan (3rd), Alex Butulis (4th)

Discus – Ben Natan (4th)

Long Jump – Ava O’Brien (4th)

Girls who set at least one personal best this meet: Elise Boyse, Laney Bundy, Bela Chandler, Adora Koonce, Debora Lemma, Ava O’Brien, Jenna Pullen, Tanya Sachdev, Maggie Su, and Leah Wiebe.

All meet results may be found at the following link:


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