US Club Fair invites students to discover new passions
Posted 08/28/2019 11:27AM

Students sign up at the Club Fair

Upper School students gathered in the quad on Monday for their annual club fair. Over twenty student-led clubs and organizations were present, each one encouraging fellow students to pursue a long-held passion, or perhaps even discover a new one.   

“Most clubs are almost entirely conducted by the students,” says director of experiential learning Michael McElreath. “The faculty supports them, of course, but the clubs don’t exist without the student’s passion and drive. Since we put more emphasis on student leadership, campus involvement has flourished, and the joy and creativity fostered by the kids in their respective clubs definitely has a spillover effect into other aspects of their lives on campus. For many students, the clubs are a way to find their ‘niches’ at Cary Academy.” 

In accordance with Cary Academy’s dedication to fostering a diverse level of interests in its student body, the club fair displayed a wide range of subjects, from competitive robotics to step team to indoor track.  

“I joined the step team in ninth grade, and I’ve had such an amazing experience,” says Oyinlola Iowal ’20. “In fact, I met my best friend through step.”  

Many clubs even seek to combine many interests into a single, immersive learning experience, such as the World-building Club, which challenges students to create their own fictional worlds, complete with unique atmospheres, societies, and political systems. 

“World-building blends elements from a variety of subjects, including physics, language, biology, political science, and even astronomy,” says Sam Dietrich ’20. “Even you if you don’t have an interest in writing fiction, there’s something for everyone.” 

In addition to providing a wealth of creative outlets, Cary Academy’s clubs also seek to foster a sense of community amongst every demographic of its students, such as the African-American Affinity Group, a club that seeks to unify Cary Academy’s black student population. 

“It’s an honor to be a part of one of the oldest clubs at Cary Academy,” says the club’s president, Mesha Mumford ’20. “We promote interdisciplinary discussion on a wide variety of current issues that affect our community, all while uplifting one another.” 

No matter the focus of the club, each student organization adds its own unique flavor to life at Cary Academy. 

“There’s a lot of diversity in what we do,” says John Kesler ’20, a member of the robotics team. “I program, others build, but we’re all equally important, and none of us can succeed without the other.” 

written by Communications Intern Caroline Diorio. 



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