Thirty CA Students Honored for German Profiency
Posted 02/20/2020 11:38AM

Thirty Cary Academy Upper School students earned honors for their performance on the 2020 National German Exam, including one student earning the top ranking amongst all German students in the state. The proficiency exam, administered by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), tests listening and reading skills in German.

Gold Medal: David Go ('20; 1st place in all of NC!), Koa Kaliebe ('21), Addie Esposito ('20), Eva Hammer ('21), Obinna Modilim ('20), Claire Ferris ('21), Tommy Frank ('21), Kyle Murphy ('21), Sheridan Page ('20), Matthew Modi ('20), Hunter Moore ('20), Parker Perkins ('20), Max Feliu ('21), Alex Dietrich ('22), Chris Butulis ('22).

Silver Medal: Sara Martin ('21), Ryan Chen ('21), Hannah George ('20), Dorrit Eisenbeis ('20), Xavier deSouza ('21), Kendyl George ('22), Leah Wiebe ('23), Estella Monica ('22), Abby Smetana ('23), Jane Sihm ('22), Cy Reading ('22).

Bronze Medal: Jono Jenkins ('20), Katie Grush ('20), Rin Mauney ('22), Jenna Pullen ('23).

Frau Burgbacher wishes to give a special shout-out to the following students who scored 20 or more percentile points higher this year than last. "They really improved their skill level tremendously in just one year.":
Katie Grush, Alex Dietrich, Estella Monica, Cy Reading, Sedef Iz ('22), Matthew Modi, Dorrit Eisenbeis, Mary Esposito ('21).


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