Class of 2018 Endowment Chairs

The co-chairs for the 2015 endowment are CA parents Lee and Rod Frankel. They are the parents of Sami ('15) and Brett ('17). Read more about the co-chairs and the 2015 endowment. Read moreThe Co-chairs for the Class of 2018 Endowment are CA parents Jay and Sharon Evans, the parents of Brandt (‘18) and Landon ('21).

Endowment Chair Message

We are excited to chair the Senior Endowment this year!  We will graduate our first CA Senior this year.  For those families like us, this may be your first introduction to the Senior Class Endowment.  Whether you are first-timers or seasoned veteran CA Senior families, we want to take this opportunity to invite you to take part in honoring our Seniors by helping them leave a lasting legacy at CA through the 2018 Class Endowment.

The Senior Class Endowment has been a tradition at CA since 2008. This Endowment represents a monetary gift that is invested, and the future income it generates is designated to benefit a specific purpose that will be determined by our Senior Class. A committee of students has been formed and will solicit ideas from the entire class. The committee will meet in January to determine the legacy of the 2018 Class Endowment. We will communicate the designation of the endowment to you once it has been decided.

Our own CA journey began six years ago, like many of you, when Brandt entered in sixth grade.  Landon followed three years later.   Our time at CA has been remarkable.  CA has offered our children the opportunities to pursue their own unique interests and experiences. We have watched Brandt and Landon thrive as they have received an excellent education.

Beyond the academic education, the mission of Cary Academy leaves each of our students with an intangible legacy of Excellence, Innovation, and Discovery.  As the families of this year’s Senior class we can embrace that fourth principle, Collaboration, and come together as a true group so these Seniors may leave their own tangible mark on the future at Cary Academy.

Receiving a significant amount of initial funding for the Class of 2018 Endowment is important. But what is more important is achieving 100% participation. Every contribution is valuable. Every dollar makes a difference. Your donation can honor your student, a special teacher, coach, or a valued faculty or staff member. We want every family to be represented in this legacy gift left by the Class of 2018. Every gift brings us closer to our goal of 100% collaboration of the families, parents, and students of the Class of 2018!

Finally, in the spring, we will be hosting a Celebrating our Seniors event for Class of 2018 parents, the date and details are forthcoming. We look forward to the opportunity to celebrate our Seniors together.

 Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts or questions.

All the best,

Jay and Sharon Evans
Co-Chairs, Class of 2018 Endowment Fund Campaign





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