Purchasing Textbooks

Students are expected to purchase textbooks each year based upon their individual course schedules and the textbooks, if any, required for those courses.  MBS Direct is the school's online textbook vendor.  A complete listing by course of textbooks to be purchased can be found on the MBS Direct website.  The site will open for purchasing for the 2019-20 school year beginning on July 16, 2019.  

Families may either purchase needed textbooks through MBS Direct or purchase them through an alternate source of their own choosing.  Whichever purchasing method you pursue, please note the following:

  • The textbook listings on the MBS Direct website are organized by department for Upper School courses and by grade level for Middle School courses.
  • Most Upper School students will have several books to purchase.  Middle School students will only need to purchase books for Language Arts and for certain World Language courses.
  • Some textbooks purchased for one course are used again in the next level course.  These books are noted on the MBS Direct website as "previous purchase," meaning you may already own the book.
  • Summer reading titles are noted as such on the MBS Direct website.
  • Unless an e-book is specifically listed as an option for a course on the MBS Direct website, we expect students to purchase a hard copy version.
  • New this year, MBS Direct is offering a rental option for certain textbooks, which you are welcome to utilize if you wish.  The rental option, if available for a given textbook, will be displayed as one of the purchasing options on the MBS Direct website.
  • If you decide to purchase books from a source other than MBS Direct, please be sure to match the exact ISBN numbers listed on the MBS Direct website to ensure that you get the correct books.
  • Students will need to have their books in hand by the first day of classes on Wednesday, August 14, 2019.
  • Students should not write in their books until they are sure their class schedule is final. Many vendors will not take back books in which students have written, and Cary Academy cannot reimburse you for these books.
  • The MBS Direct website will remain open all year in the event you may need to replace a lost textbook or wish to purchase an additional copy.

Purchasing through MBS Direct:

The school's partnership with MBS Direct offers families an easy-to-use web interface, a wide selection of used textbooks, and a practical buyback program that includes paid shipping. In addition, MBS is offering our families free UPS ground shipping FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY for any orders over $99 that are placed between July 16 and July 29, 2019. This offer does not apply to Marketplace orders.

Purchasing through another source:

You are welcome to purchase books through other vendors or to swap textbooks and/or arrange informal sales with other families. Note that you will still need to go to the MBS Direct website to look up the textbooks required for your child's courses and the associated ISBN numbers.  The specific ISBN number needed is listed with each textbook title.  




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