Selling Used Books

It’s Time to Sell Back Your Textbooks!

EZ Drop Buyback Dates & Times

Upper School
Buyback is May 13 - May 20, 2019

Middle School
Buyback is May 22 - June 4, 2019

Location: Upper School Room 105

Drop-off times: 7:45am - 3:30pm (No appointment needed)


Maggie Grant by email or at 919-228-4688 in US Rm. 105

The EZ Drop Buyback is available to everyone - even if you didn’t purchase from MBS Direct. Previous customers do receive a ‘Loyalty Bonus’ on the books they sell back.

No appointment is necessary but you must first create and finalize your buyback quote online using the same MBS login THAT YOU USED TO PURCHASE THE BOOKS ORIGINALLY; new users should create a login.

MBS Direct, our online textbook vendor, wants to purchase used textbooks from our Cary Academy families! Their normal buyback program purchases used books based on need for the following school year. In addition, they also have a "Guaranteed Buyback Program" as well as a Loyalty Bonus program available to families who purchased their books from MBS Direct this past year.

There is no cost to participate in this “Guaranteed Buyback Program" and MBS pays all the shipping costs. The Guaranteed Buyback program includes select titles from our booklist, and is only available to families who have purchased their books through MBS. At the time of purchase, parents are notified of what titles have Guaranteed Buyback, and how much that guaranteed amount is. At the end of the school year, MBS purchases those titles back from families at the amount promised (provided the book is returned in acceptable condition). This is an opportunity for families to earn money back on textbooks and put more used textbooks in circulation for the next school year. If you purchased your textbooks from MBS Direct last year, and are selling them back via the EZ Drop or online Buyback programs, you will receive an additional loyalty bonus on those titles. The process is simple - a buyback quote with recently purchased books is automatically generated when you login to the Virtual Bookstore using the same MBS login THAT YOU USED TO PURCHASE THE BOOKS ORIGINALLY (new users should create a login). Families can then take this quote and your textbooks to the drop-off location (see the EZ Drop Buyback information below). Middle School families (as well as Upper School families who do not drop off per the information on the main textbook page) can also mail them back directly using a postage-paid UPS shipping label provided to by MBS.

Parents who did not previously purchase through MBS can still go online and create a quote and if there is demand for these titles (based on need and inventory levels) MBS will purchase them back!

You can sell books back to MBS Direct after this but may receive less for those books than if you sell them back within the time frame above.

Buyback Process

Please click on this link for detailed step by step instructions on the buyback process.

​How to Sell Your Textbooks

Note: Before selling back your books, please check the list below to determine if your student will need any of their textbooks next year as some books are used for multiple courses. In addition, if you have younger children attending CA, you may want to take this fact into consideration.

Textbooks Used in More Than One Year


Students currently in the following Middle School world language classes should hold on to the books listed below for use again as indicated.
Novice Spanish: 
Avancemos I textbook and workbook will be used again in Novice-High Spanish.
Novice German:
Genial A1 textbook and workbook will be used again in Novice-High German.
Intermediate-Low French:
Bien Dit Level 2 textbook will be used again in Intermediate-Mid French in the Upper School.
Intermediate-Low German:
Genial A2 textbook and workbook will be used again in Intermediate-Mid German in the Upper School.


Students currently in the following Upper School classes should hold on to the books listed below to be used again as indicated. 
ENG 101/The Heroic Journey:
The Bedford Reader - 13th Edition will be used again in ENG 201/Identity and Change.
FLG 300/Intermediate-Mid German or higher:
Klipp und Klar with Answers will be used again in all subsequent US German courses.
FLG 400/Intermediate-High German or higher:  
Aspekte Neu B1 textbook & workbook will be used again in all subsequent US German courses.
FLF 630/Advanced French I:
Une fois pour toutes will be used again for FLF 601/602/603/Advanced French electives.
MTH 550/Advanced Calculus I: 
Calculus of a Single Variable will be used again in MTH 705/Advanced Calculus II.
SCI 365/Advanced Physics-Mechanics:
Mastering Physics will be used again in SCI 565/Advanced Topics in Physics.

MBS Direct Online Bookstore

Opens on July 10th!

And if you order your textbooks between July 10 and July 23, you will receive FREE SHIPPING on any orders over $99.00!
Textbook Key Dates

May 13 - May 20, 2019
EZ Drop Buyback for Upper School

May 22 - June 4, 2019
EZ Drop Buyback for Middle School

July 10, 2019 
MBS Direct Online Bookstore opens

July 10 - July 23, 2019
Free shipping offered by MBS Direct on all orders over $99

August 14, 2019
First day of school. Students should have their textbooks on hand.


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