Get Involved

There are numerous ways to be involved with Cary Academy after graduating. Examples of opportunities to volunteer include:

  • Serving as a presenter for Career Connections (Cary Academy's career day)
  • Mentoring current students
  • Hosting students for visits to college campuses

Become a Leadership Coach or Mentor

CA is currently looking for alums who might be interested in serving as a Leadership Coach for a new US course called Global leadership.


Students must meet with a "leadership coach" at least five times over a four month period. The coaching consists of helping the students refine some of their personal leadership goals, sharing stories about your own leadership path, and acting as a sounding board for the students to discuss some of the content covered in the course. In addition, students are also being asked to do a one-off leadership interview (based on the "corner office" series in the Sunday New York Times). This time commitment would be much less and can be done remotely.

If you would like to volunteer to be a Leadership Coach or would like to serve as a mentor for future mentoring programs, please fill out the form below.

Leadership Coach / Mentor Inquiry Form

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