Why I  Give

What drives Cary Academy community members to donate to the Cary Academy Fund (CAF)? Like our community members, the reasons are varied and personal. In Why I Give, community members take the time to voluntarily express and share the importance they place on the CAF. If you would like to contribute your donation story to Why I Give, email Marketing Coordinator Toye Eskridge.

Laura Werner

In this edition of Why I Give, employee Laura Werner, whose children Jack (‘18) and Timothy (‘20) attend CA, discusses the importance of Cary Academy and provides some of the reasons she donates to the Cary Academy Fund. Werner is the learning specialist for grades 10-12.

As an employee, why do you contribute to the CAF?

“As a parent of two students here at CA I feel so fortunate to have our children attend this spectacular institution. Donors over the years have made contributions that are directly benefitting my kids, so now it is our turn to do the same. I think that the tuition has been kept at just 88% of the total amount it costs to educate each student with the hopes that parents will make up the difference in donations. As an employee whose kids enjoy a discounted rate, I feel that I can certainly chip in as a way of showing my gratitude. As an employee, I also feel that it is so cool that we have 100% staff participation! I want to be part of that. I want to support a school where it is clear that we all love where we work and we love supporting learning.”

Why is it important for the community to donate to the CAF?

“Donating makes the community feel connected. CA is not an ‘us and them’ kind of place. I remember one of the first calls I got here from a parent as a new hire. The parent said, ‘Welcome to Cary Academy!’ as if she were welcoming me in. Everywhere I had worked previously, parents perceived themselves as on the outside. But clearly here at CA, parents feel connected. Parents, faculty, staff, alumni, students … we are all part of the CA community. And by supporting the CAF together, I think we underscore that philosophy.”

What are some aspects of CA that please you as a parent?

“I think all of the programs that the CA Fund supports are fantastic. I particularly like how the initiatives reflect our mission. For example, helping to fund ‘student or faculty supported initiatives’ resonates with our mission for discovery, innovation, collaboration and excellence. Funding for leadership training, technology upgrades, classroom furniture, etc. are all aspects of the fund that I appreciate and support. I am grateful for the ways our school continues to grow and flourish thanks in large part to the financial support we receive from our community each year.”

Posted by Dean S. on Tuesday December 8, 2015
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