Letter from Co-chairs

Robin and Brett Dorfman


Dear CA Families,

There are many metaphors for the middle and high school years – a roller coaster ride, a great adventure, a garden in need of care – and they all share common themes.  This is a time filled with highs and lows, challenges and opportunities, and most importantly, incredible personal growth.  If your family is like ours, your Cary Academy experience will include all of these elements. When approached, we weren’t sure if we should accept the role as CA Fund Co-chairs since our time here hasn’t always been perfect. Upon reflection, we were reminded that this is likely true for many families. While we all face challenges at times, we also all share a genuine desire to work through concerns as a team, learn from different perspectives, and change course when needed for the benefit of all.

Since our daughters, Julia (‘20) and Samantha (‘23) began Cary Academy in 6th grade, they have been tested academically and personally. They set high goals which are often achieved but sometimes just out of reach.  It is in these “low” moments that we as a family experience the greatest growth.  With the guidance and support of faculty and staff, our girls have learned to advocate for their needs, to communicate effectively with their teachers and classmates, to think critically and creatively, and to respectfully question and offer new solutions to decision makers. Cary Academy has helped them build confidence and character in a safe environment that is rooted in the belief that our children can and will succeed, lead, and excel far beyond their years here.

It is this core belief that drives us to support Cary Academy’s mission and give generously to the CA Fund. Through personal experience, we were recently reminded of the incredible impact one person can have on the hearts and minds of countless children. This has motivated us to lead by example. We want to encourage all of you to give where and how you can. Every gift does matter, and in ways we don’t always realize. Did you know tuition does not fully cover the expense of one student’s education at Cary Academy? The gap amount between tuition and the actual cost to educate each student this year is 17% or $4,675.  Your participation in the CA Fund, combined with that of our employees (who recently reached 100% participation again), demonstrates that we all believe in our students’ potential and want to support them throughout their journey, both here at Cary Academy and beyond.

Thank you for joining us to support the CA Fund…. your fellow parent volunteers truly appreciate not having to make any additional phone calls to remind you.  Let’s strive to get all gifts in by trimester break in November!  Thanks for all you do for your children and the Cary Academy community!

With warmest regards,

Robin and Brett Dorfman
CA Fund Co-chairs 2018-19


Robin & Brett Dorfman
CA Fund co-chairs and parents

2018-2019 CA Fund brochure



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