The Cary Academy Strategic Plan

We Believe ...

As members of the CA Learning Community, we believe:

  1. Learning is an iterative and interdependent process.
  2. Taking risks, embracing struggle, and developing resilience are essential to deep and life-long learning.
  3. Individuals must develop self-awareness as learners and take ownership of their learning.
  4. Clear, ongoing, and timely feedback elicits self-reflection and drives growth.
  5. Physical, social, and emotional balance is essential for learning and well-being.
  6. The most impactful learning occurs where people, disciplines, and ideas connect to address human and community needs.
  7. Inclusive environments create a secure and affirming culture that enables both the individual and the community to flourish.
  8. Excellent teaching is the foundation of an outstanding learning community.
Our Plan

Strategic Vision

Cary Academy will create learning opportunities that are flexible, personalized, and relevant. We will cultivate self-directed
and bold life-long learners who make meaningful contributions
to the world.

Goal I. Institutional Flexibility

Cary Academy will create institutional flexibility to facilitate innovative and dynamic learning experiences.


  1. Create institutional mechanisms to strengthen and sustain a robust culture of innovation
  2. Create collaborative time for students and faculty to engage in nontraditional, bold learning opportunities within and across divisions
  3. Review and revise our academic programming to reflect our commitment to student-centered learning

Goal II. Authentic Engagement

Cary Academy will foster the intellectual and cultural elasticity needed to adapt and thrive in the world.


  1. Enable community members to identify and delve deeply into areas of passion
  2. Ensure community members have opportunities to expand cultural awareness and develop cultural competence

Goal III. Strong Connections

Cary Academy will strengthen existing relationships and build new connections to embrace multiple perspectives and opportunities.


  1. Improve access and exposure to Cary Academy news, events, and opportunities for participation in community life
  2. Establish an accessible network of Cary Academy community members to strengthen relationships and share expertise
  3. Seek out opportunities with other schools, organizations, and individuals to gather and share knowledge, inspiration, and innovations

Goal IV. Appropriate Resources

Cary Academy will build the professional and learning environments necessary to realize our strategic vision


  1. Identify and implement enhancements to the school’s culture and operations
  2. Identify and implement improvements to the campus
  3. Design and implement a funding program
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