Online Student Billing

Cary Academy uses the FACTS Online Student Billing platform for all tuition and monthly incidental billings. This system provides our families with the following benefits:

  • All of your student invoices in one place
  • One account, one balance-pay for all of your student accounts at one time
  • Set your account to pay by bank autodraft-no more late payments
  • Pay online using e-check or credit card

All Cary Academy families must have a FACTS account. If you are an existing CA family, your current FACTS account will continue to be used year to year. If you are a new CA family, you will create your FACTS account when you complete your enrollment contract.


Billing Information

Viewing financial information online


By logging in to your FACTS account, you will be able to see all the activity occurring in your student’s financial account (charges, credits, payments, etc). You will also be able to make an online payment via credit card or automatic bank draft for your child’s financial account.


Receiving notification of payment due

For tuition billing:

If you choose to receive an invoice: you will receive notification 20 days before the payment due date.

If you choose to have payment automatically withdrawn: you will receive notification 4 days before the payment due date.

For monthly incidental billing:

You will receive notification during the second week of each month for which you have a new bill.  

Billing for Campus Store charges

Each time you or your student makes a purchase at the Campus Store, your student will be emailed a transaction receipt for the purchase. This will be the only detailed notification you will receive regarding the Campus Store purchase. When the charges are put on to the monthly incidental bill, you will only see one total summary charge from the Campus Store for the previous month, not a breakdown of each individual purchase. If you would like to have the Campus Store receipts sent to a different email address, please email the Campus Store manager at

Changing tuition payment plan

If you need to change the tuition payment plan that you selected when completing your enrollment contract, you must complete an Enrollment Contract Amendment form and return the completed form to the CA Business Office. There is a $50 fee to change your payment plan after April 30, 2020.

Payment Information

Paying Cary Academy bills

All payments are payable directly to FACTS. Payments can be made online via credit card or bank draft by signing in to your FACTS account. For your convenience, both of those can be set up for automatic payment. Please note that a service fee will be assessed for payments made by credit card.

Payment by automatic deduction

If you elected to have your payment automatically deducted, FACTS will process the payment on the billing due date.

Payment by check

Make your check payable to FACTS Management Co and mail to:

FACTS Management Co
PO Box 2597
Omaha NE 68103-2597

On the memo line, note “Cary Academy” and your Customer ID# (located next to your name in your FACTS account) to ensure proper processing; also, print the payment stub shown in your FACTS account and include it in the envelope with your check.

Payment by bank bill pay system

The check should be payable to FACTS Management Co and sent to:

FACTS Management Co
PO Box 2597
Omaha NE 68103-2597

In the memo or notes section, you must note “Cary Academy” and your Customer ID# (located next to your name in your FACTS account) to ensure proper processing.





Payment by wire transfer

Wire transfers should be sent directly to Cary Academy.  You must alert the Business Office (call 919-228-4527) in advance so they know to be expecting the wire.

Domestic Wire Information
Bank Name: First Citizens Bank & Trust
Bank Routing #: 053100300
Client Name: Cary Academy
Client Account #: 008171247080

International Wire Information
Bank Name: First Citizens Bank & Trust
Bank Swift Code: FCBTUS33
Client Name: Cary Academy
Client Account #: 008171247080

Key Dates

Tuition due dates 2020-21

Payment Plan 1A and 1B
(full payment)

Payment is due July 25, 2020

Payment Plan 2 (60/40)
Payments are due July 25, 2020 and December 26, 2020

Payment Plan 3 (ten month auto draft plan)
Payments will be drafted on the 5th of the month, starting July 6, 2020 and ending April 5, 2021.

Monthly incidental billing due date
Payment is due by the 25th of the month


Contact Us

Tuition or Student Billing
Call 919-228-4527 or
email Mina Harris in the CA Business Office.

Payment Processing
Call FACTS customer service at: 866-441-4637. They are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

FACTS Website

(for existing accounts)

Additional Information

Financial Policies
Tuition & Fees Schedule
Tuition Refund Plan
Tuition Refund Plan FAQ
Peace of Mind Benefit


Enrollment Contract Amendment
Peace of Mind Amendment


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