Charger Corner Billing and Gift Card Form

If you have more than one student at CA, you will need to complete a separate form for each one.

By freezing my child's student billing account in the store, I understand that he/she will be allowed to continue to have necessary school items such as PE uniforms charged to his/her account. ​​​​​
Please unfreeze my child's student billing account in the store. ​​​
I would like to order a gift card for my student's use in the store. I understand that my child will need to pick up the gift card in the store to complete the transaction. An email will be sent to my email address when the card is ready to be picked up. ​
Gift cards may be issued in any amount between $10 and $100.​
As with all other retail gift cards, Charger Corner gift cards work the same as cash. For that reason, we encourage you to record the gift card number someplace safe.  In the event your child misplaces his/her gift card, we can cancel the card and transfer the remaining balance to a new card if we have the card number.  You will also need the card number in order to reload the card with more money in the future.​​​
Please reload my child's campus store gift card. I understand that my child will need to bring the physical gift card to the store to complete this transaction.​​​​
Gift Cards may be reloaded in any amount between $10 and $100​​​.​
The gift card number can be located on the back of the gift card.​​

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