Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Step into the spotlight with our robust performing arts program to explore various stage-crafts, including chorus, theater, dance, orchestra, and band.

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Whether a newcomer to dance or a seasoned performer, CA’s flexible dance program is designed to meet you where you are and grow your skills and unique artistic expression from there. Get ready to unlock creative expression, discover your own movement vocabulary, and build self-confidence.

Guided by our accomplished dance teacher, you will explore a wide variety of dance styles, including modern, African, jazz, fusion, hip hop, capoeira, ballet, salsa, and more. Through improvisations, collaborations, and community performances, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your physical capacities; learn and advance technical skills and techniques; explore the art of original choreography; and gain insights into how dance is a powerful cultural and community-building force.


Love to sing? Our comprehensive vocal music program will have you conducting, singing, evaluating, and composing a wide variety of styles of music, from classical to contemporary, folk to Broadway. You’ll learn to read music and apply music theory concepts. To develop correct vocal techniques for both individual and ensemble singing—including proper tone, diction, and intonation—through fun, stimulating, and challenging vocal exercises. And you’ll let your beautiful voice ring with performances for the CA community or at local choral festivals and adjudicated competitions.

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Is jamming—or learning to jam—on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments more your thing? Our band program has you covered.

In Middle School, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of wind and percussion instruments before settling on the one you will call your own. You’ll learn fundamental musical skills—think rhythm and pitch reading, musical notation, intonation, listening, interpretation, and more—and develop proper technique as you practice a wide variety of music, both individually and ensemble.

In Upper School, intermediate and advanced instruction awaits. You can continue your musical explorations with Upper School Band. with instruction at the intermediate and advanced level. Or enhance your musicianship through explorations of a whole new genre in Upper School Jazz Band. Either way, you’ll gear up for performances for the CA community and at local festivals. And have opportunities to show-off your improved skills during auditions for the All-Region, All-District, All-State Band, or All-State Jazz Band.

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From small chamber groups to a large symphony orchestra, our orchestra
program will inspire your inner maestro. As you learn to appreciate and perform orchestral masterpieces from throughout history and the world over, you’ll cultivate a deeper appreciation of your chosen string instrument, as well as the beauty of a symphony’s many parts coming together in unison.

In Middle School, you’ll build a foundation in music literacy, theory, and expression. You’ll learn to sight read music, to understand melodic and harmonic structures, rhythm, and tempo. And develop healthy practice habits as you learn and improve your technique on your chosen instrument.

In Upper School, you’ll join performance-oriented classes to further hone your technique at the intermediate and advanced level (an honors class awaits). You’ll focus in on performance skills such as tone production and quality, intonation, music style, rhythm, tempo, and ensemble balance. And grow as a musician as you explore ensemble leadership and flex your interpretive and critique skills.

Throughout, you will have opportunities to wow audiences with formal and informal performances for the CA community, at local events, and in state-wide competitions. And become well-versed in the collaborative teamwork that is the heart of orchestral musicianship.