Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a self-perpetuating body that consists of community leaders, parents, alumni and the current presidents of the PTAA and the Alumni Board. The board delegates day-to-day management to the Head of School and meets four times a year to discuss policies, performance, and long-range plans.

The Board has six standing committees: Executive, Advancement, Equity and Inclusion, Governance and Nominating, Finance, and Audit.

2023-2024 Board Members

Jeremy Allen ’03
Elbert Avery
Trude Bate (Chair)
Frank Bricio
Mike Curran
Walter C. Davenport
Dana Davis (PTAA President)
Joan Davis
Marcie Ferris
Ann B. Goodnight
Dr. James H. Goodnight
Manju R. Karkare
Dr. Glenn Kleiman
Dr. Eric Laber
Vibhav Nandagiri ’21
Aleta Payne
Ashley Perkinson
Bubba Rawl
Carl Ryden
Ginger B. Sall
John P. Sall
Alex Udell ‘15 (Alumni Council President)
Monica L. Udell

Previous Board Members

Carol S. Ashworth, 1998-1999

Carol E. Aupperle, 2012-2013

Trude Bate, 2017-2018

DeAnnah Baker, 2013-2014

Erica H. Blank, 2008-2017

Dr. Kenneth A. Branch, 2003-2008

Dr. Robert E. Bridges, 1997-2002

Anita R. Brown-Graham, 2013-2021

Jennifer Cash ’09, 2020-2023

Cheryl Cotter, 2002-2003

Michael G. Curran, 2006-2007

Jeff J. Eakes, 1996-2023

Laneta Dorflinger, 2012-2020

Kimberly Eheman, 2020-2021

Jennifer Etkin, 2021-2022

Dr. William C. Friday, 1997-2000

Donna O. Fulenwider, 2000-2001

Karen C. Green, 2009-2010

Sandra A. Gutierrez, 2008-2021

Michael L. Hendren, 2004-2005

Mari-Jo Hill, 2003-2004

Robert A. Ingram, 1997-2018

Dr. James H. Johnson, Jr., 2008-2021

Jeff Kenney, 2012-2019

Malissa Larsen, 2019-2020

Charlotte L. Laverick, 2007-2008

Naomi J. Lambert, 2008-2009

Hugh D. Little, 1997-2011

Anu Mannar, 2022-2023

Dr. Allen Mask, 2009-2014

Lisa Mathis, 2014-2015

Holly May 2019-2023 Laurie Mesibov, 1996-2017

Timothy J. Niles, 1997-1998

Robyn R. Render, 2003-2008

Greg Sanchez, 2016-2022

Nicole Spector, 2015-16

Richard Y. Stevens, 2003-2013

Tricia P. Tumminello, 2005-2006

Jan P. Vaughn, 2001-2002

Dr. LeRoy T. Walker, 1997-2008

Andy Walsh, 2016-2018

Jennifer Weiss, 2013-2021

Alex Wilson, 2013-2015

J. Bradley Wilson, 1999-2000

Sandy Wood, 2016-2017

Dr. Margaret A. Zahn, 1997-2014