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Building an Inclusive Community

What is the key to understanding each other? What allows us to open ourselves to the diverse experience and perspectives of others? How can we create a community strengthened by our differences, rather than one divided by them? How can we engage in difficult conversations around important—and even polarizing—issues in ways that support, respect, and validate all our community members, their belief systems, and backgrounds?

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CA Curious

| November 18, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are always grateful to get to the Thanksgiving Break, and I wish all our students and families a restful and restorative week. Of course, getting to this year’s Thanksgiving Break feels somehow just a bit more of an accomplishment. With all the talk of fatigue and exhaustion in schools across the country, we might […]

One of the beautiful things about this new school year is the collaboration and crossover between the Upper School and Middle School. Whether it’s volleyball, cooking, scrap-building, or four square, X-days, or tailgates, we are seeing more “togetherness”. Mr. Follet and I often put the following hashtag on the bottom of our emails to each other: #OneSchool. […]

IS First Tablet Delivery of 2021

CA Curious

| October 28, 2021

Chutes and Ladders

With the ongoing global supply chain disruptions impacting key technologies that Cary Academy students and staff rely on daily, 2021 has been a year of challenges. Director of Technology & Innovation Karen McKenzie offers a—dare we say it--promising update and reflects on how challenges have become opportunities for learning and community-building. Read it on CA Curious.

The Hub

Community has been central to the Cary Academy experience since its founding, underscored by our campus’s very design. Our open Quad, glass-walled multipurpose meeting spaces, and innovative collabolounges invite us to connect, to see each other, to look out for one another. As Entrepreneurship Director Palmer Seeley explains, The Hub – CA's new on campus cafe and store offers unique opportunities for students to strengthen the community and to learn about how to start and operate a small business. Read it on CA Curious.

Ashleigh Smith

When you’re traveling in NC this fall, be sure to look up. Billboards featuring artwork by Ashleigh Smith (’22) are going up across the state as part of the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC)’s “Keep Our Air Clean” Student Art Contest.Smith’s art, a digital painting of a cyclist enjoying a mountain bike ride through a wooded trail in Cary, won the high school division of the contest, which aims to educate the public about steps to improve air quality through youth engagement.

Bella Nesbeth

The Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) selected Bella Nesbeth (’22) as one of thirty Performing Arts Ambassadors for 2021-2022. Nebesth is one of thirty high school student ambassadors, hailing from across central North Carolina, are given exclusive, unique opportunities to view, interact with, and work in support of DPAC performances.

“Coach Pope taught me to be kind to my mother.”  Greg Jokl ’09 shared this with me when we were chatting about his experience on campus. I was struck by his statement. While his relationship to Coach Pope was in relation to athletics, their relationship—and Coach’s legacy—was one rooted in human kindness, in nurturing meaningful and sustaining connections.  Last year, when our […]

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