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Community Conversations

Building an Inclusive Community

What is the key to understanding each other? What allows us to open ourselves to the diverse experience and perspectives of others? How can we create a community strengthened by our differences, rather than one divided by them? How can we engage in difficult conversations around important—and even polarizing—issues in ways that support, respect, and validate all our community members, their belief systems, and backgrounds?

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Tony Hinton

Last week Tony Hinton joined the CA leadership team, replacing Jess Garcia, who retired at the end of 2020, as Director of Facilities. Tony joins us with his family from Baltimore, where held facilities and compliance roles for the State of Maryland in the Department of General Services. Tony has a broad background, having previously served as a director of facilities and operations, quality assurance manager, property manager, and police officer.

End Racism Now mural in Raleigh

For students and employees alike, affinity groups have been a vital feature of the Cary Academy experience for well over a decade. In light of recent events, and a desire to push themselves to become more actively anti-racist in their work and lives, a group of employees have formed the White Ally Anti-Racist Faculty and Staff Affinity Group.Middle School language arts and social studies teacher Lucy Dawson and Upper School social sciences teacher Bill Velto reflect on the creation of the group, its goal of continuing the crucial work of understanding and recognizing systems of power, oppression, and privilege in hopes of shaping anti-racist work at CA. Read it on CA Curious.

Lester Turner - band

This past week, Marvin Koonce '21 joined the “best of the best” for the National Association for Music Education 2020 All-National Honor Ensembles Virtual Event, as the top high school jazz pianist in the nation. At the district level, six Cary Academy students were selected for the NC Bandmasters Association All-District Ensembles

stock image of computer code

After the first of four contests in the American Computer Science League (ACSL) Programming contest, Cary Academy’s student-led teams rank at the top of the leader boards, having scored 30/30 and 29/30, against some of the best programming teams in the U.S., Canada, Croatia, and Romania.

Eddie Glaude, Jr. addresses CA Students

On Wednesday, Cary Academy, in partnership with Durham Academy, proudly welcomed acclaimed scholar Dr. Eddie Glaude, Jr. as part of its Upper School Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observance. In the keynote address “Lessons from the Later Dr. King,” Dr. Glaude offered a complex and nuanced representation of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and work, ultimately issuing a call to action for us all to strive towards creating the society that King envisioned.

What would you do with your time if you were given a day to explore any interest? What if you had one day each week to do just that? What curiosities would you pursue? What passions would you discover? What opportunities would you seize? That’s precisely the concept behind Cary Academy’s new Flex Day—a designated […]

ASK VETERAN HISTORY TEACHER BILL VELTO TO SUM UP HIS TEACHING PHILOSOPHY BUMPER-STICKER STYLE, AND YOU”LL GET A QUICK ANSWER: “COMFORT THE DISTURBED AND DISTURB THE COMFORTABLE” ,HE RESPONDS WITH A BIG SMILE. It is an oversimplification for sure—it was meant to be a bumper sticker, after all—but one that nonetheless encapsulates two of Velto’s […]

At only 29 years old, Firoz Jameel (‘09) is already a seasoned political operative. Since his freshmen year at CA, Jameel has worked every election cycle, save one. It has been a fifteen-year journey that has taken him from municipal politics to the North Carolina governor’s mansion, the White House, and back again. His experience […]

Democratizing Debate

With the cancellations of long-planned anticipated travel, summer camps, and social gatherings looming large, a COVID-tainted summer was a far cry from what most had imagined in the early days of 2020. Rather than focus on what was lost, however, an enterprising group of Cary Academy Speech and Debate students instead saw an opportunity. The […]

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