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Building an Inclusive Community

What is the key to understanding each other? What allows us to open ourselves to the diverse experience and perspectives of others? How can we create a community strengthened by our differences, rather than one divided by them? How can we engage in difficult conversations around important—and even polarizing—issues in ways that support, respect, and validate all our community members, their belief systems, and backgrounds?

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CA Curious

| September 23, 2021

New year, new plan

Every five years, Cary Academy engages in a strategic planning process. In 2020, this process was upended by the COVID pandemic. As students returned to the classroom, CA could have simply established a plan to return to the way things were. However, as Dean of Faculty, Martina Greene explains, we start this school year looking resolutely and optimistically to the future. Read it on CA Curious.

Trey Murphy and Priya Desai

After an explosive debut in the NBA Summer League that has already led to rookie of the year whispers, Cary Academy’s first alum to be selected as an NBA draft pick – Kenneth ‘Trey’ Murphy, III (’18) – recently sat down with Sports Illustrated’s Priya Desai for an interview hosted in CA’s Fitness Center gym. Murphy returned to […]

Holiday Shoppe 2022

As the leaves begin to change, alas, so too do the best-laid plans. Typically, this time of year, CA’s Development Office and the Vendor Selection Team is busy mapping out booth spaces for CA’s Holiday Shoppe and chatting with vendors about their holiday wares. This year, we find ourselves once again leaning into creativity amidst […]

Amaranth greens. Bitter melon. Long beans. Yu choy. Asian chiles. Next year, families across CA will have the opportunity to discover these delicious flavors firsthand—many for the first time—all while learning about and supporting our local Burmese refugee community. It’s all thanks to a service-learning pilot program led by seventh-grade Migration Collaboration students and faculty […]

CA Curious

| September 9, 2021

Lightbulb moments

How do you eat healthily if you live in an urban food desert? How do you prioritize unexpected expenses when you're barely making ends meet? When you don't have the funds to do both, how do you choose between paying the bills and putting food on the table? Recently, the 6th grade was faced with these sorts of difficult challenges plucked from real life. As Director of Equity & Community Engagement, Danielle Johnson-Webb explains, asking students to sit with these uncomfortable realities reveals the power of experiential and service learning and the lightbulb moments they can provoke. Read it on CA Curious.

MS boys' cross couuntry runners

How do we find an even keel in moments of stress or challenge? As Head of School Dr. Mike Ehrhardt explains, cultivating purpose is the key. But how, then, do you empower students to find an authentic sense of purpose? To find out, read it on CA Curious.

Kristin Andrejko

For epidemiologist Kristin Andrejko, asking the right questions isn’t just about finding a good answer. Learn how scientific curiosity and a strong sense of service led her to seek a brighter, healthier future for us all.


Some might consider the task of planning and pulling off a virtual summit with more than one hundred attendees a daunting task, but once a group of CA students saw the chance to create a powerful learning experience for their peers and classmates, they couldn’t help but say “YES!” In mid-January 2020, a group of […]

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