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Community Conversations

Building an Inclusive Community

What is the key to understanding each other? What allows us to open ourselves to the diverse experience and perspectives of others? How can we create a community strengthened by our differences, rather than one divided by them? How can we engage in difficult conversations around important—and even polarizing—issues in ways that support, respect, and validate all our community members, their belief systems, and backgrounds?

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Masked students in the makerspace

Next Tuesday, CA students will return to campus for "regular" coursework. The restart of on-campus learning does not mean that things will spring back to normal anytime soon. Head of School Dr. Mike Ehrhardt reflects on the power and value of the new experiences, relationships, adjustments, and sacrifices we've all made over the past few months as we adapt to new routines and refamiliarize ourselves with in-person learning. Read it on CA Curious.

Keeping Chargers Connected

CA Curious

| September 17, 2020

Not Your Typical Blog

In a typical year, CA's leadership, faculty, and parents would have already had numerous opportunities to connect, share, learn, and strengthen our community. 2020 is anything but typical. CA's Director of Development Ali Page shares a new way to stay connected while sparing you from another Zoom meeting. Read it on CA Curious.

Brianna Gaddy - Alumni

Brianna Gaddy ‘12 is a lawyer with a mission. Her goal? To fight systemic racism to create a more inclusive and equitable legal system for all—one judicial outcome, one policy at a time. Gaddy did not always know she wanted to be a lawyer. A love of language and international travel—first ignited during her time at CA, thanks […]

Social and Emotional Health In a high performing school like Cary Academy, there can be tremendous pressure on our students. Pressure to get good grades. To look good. To fit in. Add to these the uncertainty and strife that seem to dominate today’s disturbing headlines and you have a significant challenge to emotional health. Indeed, recent research […]

John Noland, mathematics coach

When the north carolina council of teachers of mathematics awarded john noland the 2019 state math contest coach’s award, no one was surprised–except, maybe, john noland. Social media posts announcing the award were flooded with dozens of comments and well wishes from students, parents, alumni, and colleagues alike. It’s a good bet that if you […]

mission accomplished

When reflecting on events of the last academic year, many well-worn phrases spring to mind. Unprecedented challenges. Uncharted territories. Unpredictable futures. Amidst so much uncertainty, however, an unwavering absolute: CA’s enduring resiliency, creativity, and commitment to our mission—to discovery, innovation, collaboration, and excellence—to each other, and our broader community. Discovery At CA, we teach our […]

budding entrepreneurs


| September 11, 2020

Pitch Perfect

What do you get when you combine design thinking, tenacity, resiliency, and agile problem-solving with the pursuit of innovation in the name of social change and global good? For a group of enterprising CA students, an eye-opening and award-winning foray into one of the most prestigious youth entrepreneurship challenges in the world: the international Conrad […]

PTAA Parents during Senior orientation

Welcome to academic year 2020/2021—an admittedly not-so-typical year. Under the best conditions, this is a busy time of year for the PTAA. Typically, we would be arranging face-to-face events to welcome parents and students to campus, hosting welcome dinners, and handing out popsicles as a treat after the handshake ceremony. Our goal? To set the […]


From Blueprints to Brick and Mortar Last year marked a monumental milestone for Cary Academy, as numerous, long-planned campus improvements came to fruition. Made possible, in part, by generous private support of our first-ever capital fundraising effort—the Campaign for Cary Academy—each renovation, addition, and upgrade reflects our strategic plan and vision for student-centered,future-oriented learning. LIBRARY […]

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