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Building an Inclusive Community

What is the key to understanding each other? What allows us to open ourselves to the diverse experience and perspectives of others? How can we create a community strengthened by our differences, rather than one divided by them? How can we engage in difficult conversations around important—and even polarizing—issues in ways that support, respect, and validate all our community members, their belief systems, and backgrounds?

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We are delighted to welcome students back to campus for our 26th year at Cary Academy. It was so lovely to see students yesterday, as we brought back a modified version of our “handshake ceremony.” As I told the students, this ceremony has been a tradition dating back to the founding of the school. It […]

Congratulations to the varsity boys’ track and field team for winning the TISAC conference championship for the second straight year last week, overtaking North Raleigh Christian Academy with a dramatic victory in the last event of the meet, the 4 x 400m Relay. The varsity girls’ team placed third place. TISAC Conference Championship Podium Scorers: […]

Last week, both the Middle School boys’ and girls’ track and field teams brought home 2022 CAMSC Track & Field Conference Team Champion titles, besting second-place finishers Grace Christian School 190 to 76 (girls) and 151 to 69 (boys). This marks the fifth CAMSC Middle School girls’ title (5 out of 5!), and the boys’ […]

Legendary Asian American civil rights activist Yuri Kochiyama once said, “Life is not what you alone make it. Life is the input of everyone who touched your life and every experience that entered it. We are all part of one another.” Ironically, it’s often when I gather with people under the banner of a shared […]

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| February 24, 2022

Art is essential

Several years after I completed an undergraduate degree, my university reached out to me.  To my surprise, they weren’t asking for money; rather, the Studio Art Department was politely requesting that I fill out a survey detailing how I was using my art degree after my time at the university. A young teacher at the […]

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the value of a good design challenge—one that taps into students’ intrinsic motivation, encourages experimentation and problem-solving and treats failure as an essential part of the path to success. The wheels started turning for me (literally) at the recent ISEEN Winter Institute in Arizona, where I had the […]

The girl’s swim team continued their dominance at the NCISAA Finals with a 137 point differential over 2nd place Charlotte Latin (371-234), earning their 6th Consecutive State Championship Title! The boy’s swim team, while finishing as State Runners-Up to a ridiculously talented Charlotte Latin team, distanced themselves from 3rd place by over 120 points (418.5 […]

Every year with great anticipation, I count down the days to one of the big educational technology conferences that I have the privilege of attending. Not only do I look forward to connecting with my brethren at other schools, but to sharing and learning from others all over the world.  A sneak peek at all […]

Cary Academy’s commitment to discovery and innovation keeps us looking for ways to improve, and one of our key avenues for growth is paying attention to what other excellent educators are doing around the world. Back in 2015, I first connected with an awesome group called the Independent School Experiential Education Network (ISEEN), made up […]

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