Middle School
Middle School
We get it. Middle School is kind of a big deal. That’s why our holistic program—for grades six through eight—offers a learning environment designed to nurture your unique academic, social, and physical growth (yep, the whole you).

We’ll help you navigate this pivotal time by encouraging your natural curiosity, cultivating healthy habits, and coaxing some impressive personal growth and character development that’s going to serve you well in the future. From creative writing to community-building, recreation to reflection, you’ll get excited about learning, build confidence, make crucial connections with your peers and teachers, explore all that CA has to offer—all while learning a whole lot about yourself. In other words: we get you and we got you.
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Our Middle School is tailored for transformation. And our signatures are a key part of the magic, stoking curiosity, foregrounding wellness and community, and bringing our core values of discovery, innovation, collaboration, and excellence to life.

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