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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

If community is the heart of CA, then the richness of our diversity is what makes it beat. The unique voices, experiences, and perspectives that comprise our community are one of our greatest strengths.

But diversity alone is not enough. That’s why, together, we work tirelessly to create an equitable and inclusive environment—one where everyone can fully participate, lend their voice, be heard with respect and compassion, and thrive.

Cary Academy fosters a learning community where the richness of diversity is recognized, respected, and embraced. Our view in diversity includes, but is not limited to ability, age, appearance, gender, national origin, personal qualities, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Our vision is to nurture and sustain an equitable and inclusive environment where everyone is valued.”

CA Diversity Mission Statement

Our Diverse Community  

At CA, you’ll join one of the most proudly diverse independent schools in the South.  
  • 59% of our students identify as students of color; 30% of our teaching faculty.
  • Many members of our learning community identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Whether it is Holi, Easter, Ramadan, or Passover, our diversity calendar is replete with student-led affinity group events that offer an opportunity to share cultures and beliefs, to learn from one another.
  • We welcome families from all socio-economic backgrounds. 
Om Naphade

It’s interesting to learn new things about other people’s experiences and passions . . . it creates, not only a deeper appreciation of your own cultural group, but an understanding where others come from . . . it helps you understand how you can connect.”

Om N. ’20

Indian Subcontinent Affinity Group

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Get Involved

Student Opportunities

Building an inclusive and equitable community is a collaborative responsibility and you’ll be playing an instrumental role throughout your time at CA. Whether learning about the legacies of slavery in Middle School’s Charger Trails; participating in an intersectional affinity group discussion around gender norms in the Upper School; listening to guest speakers on Indigenous People’s Day or Martin Luther King Junior Day; or representing CA at the Triangle Diversity Alliance or People of Color Conference—there are ample avenues to get involved.

Dialogue Across Difference 

A culture of inclusivity does not mean a culture of universal agreement. Quite the opposite. Inclusivity requires that we hold a safe space where a diversity of perspectives and identities can respectfully co-exist. Enter our Dialogue Across Difference program.  


Faculty and Staff Support

CA is invested in the continuous recruitment and retention of faculty and staff of color And, all of our faculty participate in ongoing professional development opportunities to explore issues of equity and inclusivity.