CA Experience

CA Experience

CA offers an innovative, student-centered, holistic approach to learning. In other words: we’re interested in the whole you. Designed and supported by our stellar faculty and staff, our transformative programs are carefully tailored to meet your unique needs, inspire growth, and prepare you for what comes next (the sky’s the limit).

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Middle School

Middle School — grades six through eight — is a magical and pivotal (dare we say sometimes even a little overwhelming?) period of transformation. That’s why we create a learning environment that nurtures your unique academic, social, emotional, and physical growth—while preparing you to confidently meet your future. You’ll discover your voice and your peers, develop healthy habits, undergo a lot of personal growth, and learn a whole lot along the way.

Upper School

You’re an Upper Schooler and ready to take the world by the horns. We’ll support you during this significant transition to young adulthood with a highly interactive and collaborative curriculum designed to inspire deep, critical inquiry about the world and your role within it.

Thanks to a diverse selection of electives, advanced courses, independent studies, and immersive experiential learning opportunities, you’ll have significant voice and choice in what, when, and how you learn. You’ll put learning into practice both on and off campus—broadening your horizons and diving deep into your interests—to emerge well-prepared for college and beyond.

The Arts

Cultivating Creativity

At CA, the arts are important (there’s a reason Berger Hall is at the heart of campus). In addition to contributing beauty and joy, they help us make sense of our world, better relate to one another, and give us new perspectives.

In our diverse visual, performance, and digital arts programs (yes, robotics is art at CA), you’ll join a community of creative, empathetic students who embrace their artistic passions to make a meaningful impact. And you’ll develop the confidence and skills to share your own unique voice and story—your own expressions and works—to the enrichment of our whole community.

Preparation for a Life of Discovery

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Beyond the Classroom


Our signatures bring our mission pillars—discovery, innovation, collaboration, and excellence—to life. By broadening worldviews, offering opportunities to connect, and putting classroom learning into real-world practice, they keep learning flexible, personal, and relevant to ignite an enduring passion for learning.

Jaida Jett

One thing I absolutely love is the opportunity for growth. Among a slew of other things, CA is a place where everyone can learn something new and be a little bit better than they were yesterday.”

Jaida J. ’20

Upper School Student

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