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Charge Ahead Fund

The Charge Ahead Fund is a community-driven fund with an objective of enhancing the needs of CA athletics, as determined by our student-athletes, their parents, and coaches.

Any member of the CA community can submit a grant for an award of up to $5,000* to support a need for a sport. Grants will be reviewed twice a year and delegated out. The more successful the fund is, the better chance we have of meeting the needs and requests of our community.

Along with submitting a grant application, authors are also encouraged to meet with the Director of Development and Head of Charger Club to share details on their request.

Please consider a gift of any size today to help ensure your sport, and all sports, are able to request the funding for their needs and help their sports excel.

What do I do if I have an idea for a grant?

Reach out to the athletic office to talk through your idea, learn if anyone else has submitted a grant for this need, and if not, to request a grant.

Who can apply for grants?

Any current parent, student, or coach may request an application and submit it for approval. Your grant must be signed off by the Athletic Director and coach of the sport you are requesting a grant for.

How often are grants reviewed?

Twice a year – in January and July.

Who reviews the grants?

After submission, you may request a meeting with the head of Charger Club and the Director of Development to talk through your grant request and answer any outstanding questions. The final review will be made by a committee comprised of the Head of School, Director of Athletics, Director of Development, Head(s) of Charger Club, and a student representative.

How do I access a grant?

Reach out to Kevin Jones, Athletic Director, at kevin_jones@caryacademy.org to get an application.

How much are grants for?

The grants have a maximum award limit of $5,000. However, if the grant request benefits multiple sports, that maximum may be waived.

Where does the money for grants come from?

From gifts of any size made by members of the community.

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