MATHCOUNTS team brings home championship, heads to states

February 15, 2024

This past weekend, 12 of our 40 Middle School MATHCOUNTS team members competed in the 2024 MATHCOUNTS North Carolina Chapter Competition. The field was stacked with worthy competitors, but our Chargers brought home the top prize! With the win, our MS MATHCOUNTS team is headed to the State Championship to defend their title! Be sure to congratulate the following students if you see them around campus:

Frank He, ‘28
Mallen Jayasooriya, ‘29
Yuna Kim, ‘30
Aiden Lu, ‘28
Derek Qi, ‘28
Ved Vainateya, ‘28
Brandon Wang, ‘28
Andrea Ye, ‘28
Max Ye, ‘29
Isabel Yun, ‘28
Amy Zheng, ‘29
Jayden Zhu, ‘29

Written by Jack Swingle

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