2020 Spring Athletics Awards


2020 Spring Athletic Awards

June 8, 2020

Cary Academy’s 2020 Spring Athletics Awards have gone virtual. Here are your award-winning Chargers! Read on, below the video, for remarks from their coaches and Athletic Director Kevin Jones.

TISAC Sportsmanship

Awarded to the male and female athlete who modeled the ideals of Sportsmanship throughout their participation within the TISAC conference.  To be eligible, the athlete must have competed in at least two varsity sports with three-season athletes strongly considered.

Keely Murphy

Track & Field, Cross Country, distance running, 3x All-Conference, 2x All-State and team captain coupled with dedication, determination, toughness and commitment to the team and her teammates — all aspects which highlight our female Sportsmanship Award winner.  Accolades including earning 3 All-Conference and 2 All-State in Cross Country don’t overshadow Keely Murphy’s dedication and reinforcement of a strong team culture.  Her passion for her teammates and respect for her opponents is as persistent as it is for running.  Congratulations Keely, we are honored to have you receive our TISAC Sportsmanship Award.

Harrison Reed

All you have to do is watch this individual play the game, any game, to understand why he is receiving the honor for Outstanding Sportsmanship.  Teammate or opponent, he will be the first to console an injured player, help up someone who has fallen or congratulate the opposition after a defeat.  It is extremely difficult to put into words the impact he has had on both the Baseball and Basketball programs.  As a basketball player, Coach Perkins states that this individual consistently displays respect for his teammates, coaches, opponents and the game itself.  In baseball he IS the guy that always demonstrated good sportsmanship and set a great example for the rest of the team.  He set the tone for the team, and his passion was always channeled in a positive direction.  “we became a better team because of Harrison Reed’s attitude of doing the right thing even when it was hard.  We will miss his leadership and his wisdom.  I know he is destined for big things in his future; you will always be with me.  I love you!” – Coach Ray Pope

Enough Said, Harrison Reed congratulations.

Charger Pride

Awarded to the male and female athlete who demonstrates spirit, teamwork, perseverance and fair play through their participation and support of our CA teams.  To be eligible, the athlete must participate in two varsity sports with three-sport athletes strongly considered.

Laura Cunningham

“NO ONE DESERVES THIS AWARD MORE!”  An ALL CAPS quote from Coach O’Mara when she was told that Laura Cunningham was selected for CA’s Charger Pride award.  And, who can argue?  Laura has shown a commitment to CA that is simply unparalleled.  Whether it’s dressing to the “t” for Wacky Tacky Day, setting up for Games on the Quad or Homecoming, putting together the ultimate fun-filled playlist, sending out Instagram posts, cheering from the sideline or participating in one of her three sports – Laura defines school spirit.  As a teammate “Laura was the glue that kept us together. From her funny stories, to her uncanny way of keeping our younger athletes on track.”  She kept everyone up to date on campus events and X-Factor plans because she understands how vitally important it is that athletes and students in general are connected to the greater campus community.”  Says Coach Sanders.  Regardless of her role as a player, organizer or spirit leader, Laura handled everything with grace and pride.  Thank you Laura for modeling what it means to be a Charger.

Dane Fekete

Charisma and enthusiasm, two words that immediately come to mind when you talk to Coach Moore about our male Charger Pride recipient.  “One of the loudest voices when he’s not wrestling and one of the first to greet a teammate after a win or defeat.”  These same qualities were reiterated by Coach Hall who added the “ability to lift up those around him; he’s serious and fun wrapped with a lot of personality.”  A three time Triple Play recipient, a key relay team member and an All-Conference wrestler, Dane Fekete has impacted the results of several contests and lifted the spirits of many teammates with his enthusiasm and smile. 

Athletic Leadership

Awarded to the male and female Senior captain who has demonstrated the principles outlined in the Cary Academy Leadership Program while participating in athletics, as well as in the classroom and community.

Erin Singleton

Two of her four All-Conference nods were defined as the TISAC “Player of the Year.”  In addition, this golfer was a two time All-State athlete who consistently led the team in scoring.  But it was her last two years in the program that defined Erin Singleton as a leader.  Her role as captain was one she embraced.  Coach Hicklin consistently remarked how Erin’s ability to lead made her a complement of the coaching staff; modeling outstanding sportsmanship, working with teammates and suggesting great ideas for competition and tournaments.  Having a player and leader like Erin makes the job of a coach easier and fun.  You should know Erin that Coach Hicklin’s last words to me when talking about you were “Boy, I’m going to miss her!”

Erin Singleton, thank you for your impact on our girls golf program and congratulations on receiving CA’s Award for outstanding Athletic Leadership.

Ben Logel

High character, relentless work ethic, positive and vocal, tough and tenacious – all qualities of an outstanding leader and all qualities exhibited on a daily basis by this athlete states Coach Brandon Pope.  These attributes earned our Athletic Leadership recipient plenty of playing time on the basketball court; not bad for a “Lacrosse Guy.”

A mid-fielder for CA’s Lacrosse team, Ben Logel commands both the offensive and defensive sides of the game.  He is one of the top point leaders while also ranking near the top in ground balls.  But coach Olive loves his game intellect and ability to adjust and be an on-field coach.  Ben’s constant encouragement and supportive nature to players of all abilities make others want to follow him; a natural leader.

Congratulations Ben Logel, you are our recipient of CA’s Athletic Leadership Award.

Scholar Athlete

The Scholar Athlete Award recognizes the male and female athlete who has demonstrated excellence in the classroom and on the athletic field.

Helen Chen

How do you earn a 4.2 Grade Point Average?  Let the numbers speak for themselves for this Turbo Calc and Multi-Variable math student; 10-10-10.  While our female scholar athlete has never earned a grade below an “A”, in the past two years taking on a challenge is nothing new – 10 classes, 10 Advanced Courses and on track for 10 A+ grades.  WOW.  To put it eloquently, Mrs. Jones lovingly said “that girl is freakishly smart!”  You would think to balance that course load and earn those marks, an individual would need to do nothing but study – quite the contrary.  Our Female Scholar Athlete has contributed deep and wide to the Cary Academy swim team.  In her six years on the team, without coincidence the girls team earned six consecutive conference titles, were state runners-up twice and have won the past four NCISAA state championships.  A multi All-Conference, All-State and School record holder, Helen Chen’s tally of medals are piled high.  Beyond those skills as a swimmer, Coach Sanchez knows that “Helen’s confident, ever-positive attitude and approach to racing continually influenced and inspired those around her to always strive to do their best.”  While she may be moving on to swim at MIT next year, her legacy as a Charger will live on!

Constantin Zodl

A gritty soccer player, All Conference and All State swimmer and All Conference and School Record holder in Track & Field mark the athletic achievements of our male Scholar Athlete.  But, exceling on the field and in the classroom is the defining qualifier for this award – No Problem.  This athlete has never received a grade below A- despite challenging himself in Calculus, Stats and a range of Advanced Courses including German, American History and Environmental Science.  But what defines this student-athlete is what teachers and coaches have to say: Mr. Roszel “you work diligently, invited feedback – and acted on it – and never failed to put your best effort forward.”  Coach Bristol “He focused on his own self-improvement and self-discipline AND he was a team player and good leader.”  “I was particularly impressed with his teaching style with his teammates.  He has a very gentle and patient style of teaching and coaching.  I had not seen this teacher/coach side of him before, and it was a joy to watch.” And, Coach Huxford “A real competitor, who always exhibited fairness, respect, passion and above all, compassion towards every team member. The age/grade of his teammates was always irrelevant, as he was fully invested in motivating every player in word and deed, to play to their potential, and most impressive, this was irrespective of whether he was on the field or not.”

Constantin Zodl, you are a deserving recipient of CA’s Scholar Athlete Award.

Athlete of the Year

Awarded to the male and female athlete whose performance during the school year has been exemplary and whose attributes include but are not limited to leadership, sportsmanship, and achievement in competition.

Maddy Walker

It’s rare that an athlete whose primary sport is Cheerleading is named the Athlete of the Year; heck, HS Cheerleaders can’t earn All Conference or All State recognition or set school records.  But, this cheerleader is not your typical athlete.  Coach Sanders jokes that if she had met her a few years earlier she could have turned her into a collegiate field hockey player.  Her ability to literally run down players on the field certainly translated well to the track.  As a sophomore and junior, this athlete earned All Conference in Track & Field and was the TISAC “runner of the year” for the 2019 season.  Her tally of points helped lead the girls team to multiple conference titles and consistently high rankings at the state meet.  But, leave no doubt, this athlete’s primary sport is Cheerleading.  While helping CA teams excel in Field Hockey, Track and Cheer, Maddy Walker was balancing a rigorous competitive cheer schedule.  A Level 6 tumbler (the highest level in cheer) and back spot – open only to the most elite cheerleading teams globally, Maddy’s team won the 2018 and 2019 SSX World Championships and were on par for a threepeat until the spring season was cut short..  More importantly, Maddy’s attributes as a teammate are what make her special.  Both Coach Flynn and Sanders remark on her approachability and impact on the definition of team.  She pushes us when we need it and makes us laugh when things are too serious.”  Congratulations Maddy, Athlete of the Year is an honor well deserved.  Good Luck as you continue your cheerleading career for the Wolfpack!

Kenny Eheman

This year’s male Athlete of the Year exceled in both Cross Country and Track & Field.  An All-Conference and State Runner-Up finisher in the 1600m during the 2019 Track season, this athlete carried his momentum into Cross Country where he earned his second All-Conference nod and the TISAC conference “Runner of the Year”.  At the state meet, Kenny Eheman finished with All State honors and his 15:32 at the Great American Cross Country Festival ranks him 4th all time in CA’s program history.  Despite a shortened 2020 Track season, Kenny finished as the #8 ranked “miler” in all of North Carolina.  Congratulations Kenny, you are this year’s Athlete of the Year.

Lifetime Achievement

Awarded to a Senior male and female athlete who, throughout his/her career at Cary Academy, has contributed most to the CA interscholastic athletic program – to be eligible a student must have competed in at least two varsity sports.

Dorrit Eisenbeis

A tenacious competitor, our female Lifetime Achievement recipient has excelled in every sport she’s tried – and, there’s a long list including Basketball, Softball, Track & Field, Lacrosse and certainly Field Hockey.  You don’t believe me?  Check this out – All Conference, All State and a record setting member of the Distance Medley relay her only year competing in Track & Field, a 2x All Conference Lacrosse player despite never playing the game prior to her sophomore year and an honorable mention as well as a 3x All Conference Field Hockey player – including 2 TISAC player of the year nods, 2 All State recognitions and the school record for goals in a season.  The only reason she doesn’t have accolades in basketball and softball is because those were her Middle School sports.  Coach Sanders says “Individual accolades aside, none of them compare to the legacy she has left for CA Field Hockey”  Through her leadership, positivity and inspiration we have multiple players pursuing collegiate field hockey careers, many athletes committed to working out with Coach Hux and a slew of middle schoolers anxious for the opportunity to be like Dorrit.  Perhaps Coach O’Mara put it best when she replied “if anyone is surprised that Dorrit Eisenbeis is the Lifetime Achievement Award winner, they haven’t been paying attention!”  Congratulations Dorrit and good luck as you continue your field hockey career at UNC-Chapel Hill next year.

Grant Scotto

Our male Lifetime Achievement athlete has been a Triple Play recipient (an athlete who has competed in 3 Varsity Sports within the same school year) each of the past four years.  Coach Hall remarks that this athlete has a rare combination of endurance, explosiveness and strength allowing him to compete in both distance and throwing events.  Those physical gifts along with a passion to observe and learn the nuances of a technique set the stage for this athlete to not only excel in Cross Country and Track & Field, but also on the Wrestling mat.  A six year member of the wrestling team, our Lifetime Achievement winner finished his six year varsity wrestling run as the TISAC’s All-Conference “Wrestler of the Year.”  Undoubtedly the success of Grant Scotto can be attributed to those “Tasty Vegan Treats.”  Congratulations Grant, you have earned Cary Academy’s male Lifetime Achievement Award.

Written by Kevin Jones, Athletic Director

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