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Melissa Colantuoni's masks


Finding Camaraderie, Collaboration in Mask Making

May 2, 2020

Melissa Colantuoni (mother of Anderson ’23 and Ashleigh ’24) sees herself merely doing what everyone else is doing right now: whatever she can to make someone else’s life a little easier, healthier, safer.

Before more restrictions took effect on retail businesses, Melissa and a group of volunteers relied on JoAnn’s Fabrics to procure their cloth for much-in-demand face masks. This group visited several times a week (as Melissa shares, “it was great camaraderie. We would share tips and tricks and alternatives to use when supplies weren’t available. We compared notes on all the patterns.”)

Now, it is more difficult to find the supplies needed to make masks. Places are either sold out, and online shopping for fabric is not ideal. Fortunately, fellow Chargers have stepped up to help. CA parent and Development Team staff member Kelly Cotronis (mother of Caleb ’22 and Landon ’23) donated bolts of cloth she had at home for Melissa and her group to keep on sewing.

Melissa has shared her passion and knowledge of sewing with others who wanted to learn and help. She has donated her masks to hospitals and several care facilities. One of the more unusual places that her masks have ended up has been Gonza Tacos y Tequilia restaurants around the Triangle! As Melissa explains: “I made masks for my best friend’s family. They were made with fabric that had the Day of the Dead Pattern. This family happened to own several taco restaurants and he loved them so much, he asked me to make 20+ for his restaurants.”

Thank you, Melissa, for spreading the values of collaboration and innovation, one beautiful mask at a time!

We want to lift up all of the generous, kind, compassionate acts that Cary Academy folks are doing each and every day as #CAGivesForGood. There is no act too small to acknowledge and celebrate! In a sentence or two, let us know what your family is doing to support our community here.

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Written by Dan Smith, Digital Content Producer and Social Media Manager


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