A message of support of our Asian and Asian-American community

March 17, 2021

CA Community,

We awoke this morning to devastating news, the horrific murder of eight individuals, including six Asian and Asian American women in Atlanta. Since the start of the pandemic, anti-racist organizations have noted a staggering increase in violence and harassment against Asians and Asian Americans—some reporting a 150% increase in reported incidents alone. And, of course, we know that number does not include the micro- and macro- aggressions that go unreported on a daily basis.  

Cary Academy condemns these attacks and the racism and misogyny that spurs them in the strongest possible terms. 

Racism against Asian Americans is not new in this country. Centuries of racist sentiment and actions have led us to this moment. Increasingly, fanned by incendiary and racist rhetoric, it spills into our streets and into our daily news feeds, taking a devastating emotional and physical toll.  

To our Asian and Asian American students, families, faculty, and staff—we see you. We grieve with you. We stand with you. And we reaffirm our pledge to fight the racism that plagues our country and community. It will not stand.

— The Leadership Team at Cary Academy

Written by Mandy Dailey, Director of Communications


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