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Claire Bridges with ventilator

Alumni News

Creating Simple, Low-Cost Ventilator Solutions in Sydney

May 22, 2020

After completing her studies at Boston University, Claire Bridges ’11 found herself as a Faculty of Medicine and Health PhD candidate at the University of Sydney. These days, she works on a multidisciplinary team of students and faculty hoping to create a “simple, low cost ventilator solution to assist the COVID-19 effort.”

Working in partnership with other top Australian public health agencies and experts, this team has already created a prototype of the “CoVida”, a ventilator that is easy to manufacture and provides the same level of respiratory support. In fact, “university students and academics have helped to create the first prototype using modern design tools and 3-D printing in a matter of weeks.”

Read more about the process and impact of Claire’s collaboration in this University of Sydney article here.

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Written by Katie Todd, CA Fund Director

Alumni News

Creating Simple, Low-Cost Ventilator Solutions in Sydney

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