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#GoPack: Elayne Courts makes masks regardless of Wolfpack affiliation

April 14, 2020

ACC loyalties aside: Elayne Courts, along with many other local residents, has been using her skills to make masks for healthcare employees. She continues to refine the design in order to make them more protective for frontline workers. Any Wolfpack fans out there will be EXTRA happy to don one of Elayne’s masks!

From Elayne: “I have given many different people masks: some to a vet clinic, some to a fellow CA parent who runs a nursing in-home service, and some to an ear, nose, and throat clinic. Right now, I seem to be giving them to individuals who need them when they are out shopping for groceries or running any kind of errands.”

Elayne is following a pattern she found online. She shared that there are several different patterns circulating, and all of them work. As noted earlier, Elayne has made some adjustments as she has continued this project: “The first ones I made only had two layers, but now I found a very thin felt like fabric that acts as a filter and I’m lining them with that so now they have three layers. They don’t filter everything out, so hospitals themselves can’t use them, but they’re asking if people use them when they run errands. I know the Ronald McDonald House needs them for staff and employees as well for the families living there. Medical professionals are stressing the importance of wearing masks to help stop the spread of the virus.”

Elayne and husband Chris have three Chargers currently enrolled: Parker ’20; Wyatt ’21; and Tess ’24. Here’s a snapshot of WRAL’s coverage of Elayne’s selfless actions. Way to be a role model for #CAGivesForGood, Elayne!

We want to lift up all of the generous, kind, compassionate acts that Cary Academy folks are doing each and every day. There is no act too small to acknowledge and celebrate! In a sentence or two, let us know what your family is doing to support our community here.

Written by Katie Todd, CA Fund Director

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