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Eddie Bricio makes PPE


Taking PPE to the Next Level

June 5, 2020

Like “social-distancing” and “stay-at-home orders,” over the past few months, the initialism “PPE” (Personal Protective Equipment) has entered our common vernacular. Eddie Bricio ’22 has been spending part of his “stay-at-home” time making sure first-responders and other frontline workers can keep themselves safe. The construction of each mask requires strong attention to detail and taking each step in order.

Way to go, Eddie, for channeling your Charger spirit and helping members of our community from your kitchen table!

We want to lift up all of the generous, kind, compassionate acts that Cary Academy folks are doing each and every day as #CAGivesForGood. There is no act too small to acknowledge and celebrate! In a sentence or two, let us know what your family is doing to support our community here.

Written by Katie Todd, CA Fund Director

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